Test Overview

While many different tests exist for reliably diagnosing Lyme disease and other tickborne diseases (TBDs), there remains widespread confusion over which tests to order. These outcomes are often preventable so long as the right test is ordered at the right time. Sonic Healthcare USA gives you access to resources and consultations so that you can order the right test, at the right time, for the right reason.


Understand the Tests

There is no single test that covers for all presentations of possible Lyme disease or other TBDs. Each test has distinctive utility depending on the stage of infection.

Polymerase chain reaction (DNA or molecular testing) tests are most commonly utilized to detect the presence of the infectious organism. PCR tests detect the specific genetic material of the organism, while serology tests detect the antibody response to the organism. 


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What Tests to Order

Sunrise Medical Laboratories Test Codes

East Side Laboratory Test Codes


For early-stage infections, order the Sonic 
Acute Tickborne Disease Panel, TiBDx Acute

This panel most accurately evaluates patients with known or suspected recent tick exposure who are presenting with symptoms suggestive of a tickborne disease. Moreover, it also evaluates possible co-infections.

Included in the panel are both molecular and serologic tests to diagnose common tickborne diseases in the acute phase of the infection.



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